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Teaching at IAE
Are you looking for an experience abroad in a small school, where your contribution matters? Would you like to spend a school year in a city where the sun always shines and it never rains?  Your winter in summer?
Would you like to learn or improve your Spanish, make international friends, surf and ride bikes, all while adding international experience to your resume?

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We are always interested in hearing from passionate, well trained English teachers!  Because our institute strives to offer the highest quality instruction in the community, we do require a minimum of a TESL certificate from a recognized university and an undergraduate degree, although we prefer a degree in either TESL or Applied Linguistics.  Knowledge of Spanish is NOT a requirement, as our Institute is English only.  
My name is Sonia Ferreira de Azevedo and I spent 5 months living and working in Arica, Chile along with Kate Delgado. My overall experience and time spent at IAE was wonderful and positive. The weather is mild and pleasant as are the people. I was able to meet and make some connections with people and enjoy the city with the help of my Chilean friends. The Institute is well cared for in every aspect from environment to its students. I had the pleasure of assisting her in not only material development but in putting together and executing lesson plans. Mrs. Delgado is one of the most knowledgeable ESL teachers I have worked with to date and that is reflected in the institute.

Where is Arica located?
Arica is in the far north of Chile, right on the borders 
of Peru and Bolivia.

What can IAE offer me?

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  • years of teaching experience, 
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